New ruling from the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

The International Jojoba Export Council (IJEC) is delighted by the recent ruling from the International Court of Justice (ICJ ) which forbids killing whales under the banner of ‘scientific whaling’ in the Antarctic region.

This is a day of celebration for whales and humanity alike. We owe huge thanks to Australia and New Zealand for bringing this to court, and to all who worked hard to craft such a brilliant and coherent case against the sham of ‘scientific whaling’. We also honor Japan’s stated commitment to uphold international law.

The IJEC, representing jojoba growers and processors worldwide, supports a global ban on the production, processing and trade of any whale-sourced products in perpetuity. It is the IJEC’s informed opinion that any amount of legally sanctioned commerce in whale products would invariably provide cover to enable a much greater amount of illegal commerce.

The IJEC is a staunch supporter of whale conservation and a proud sponsor of Whale and Dolphin Society (WDC).