A Pure Moisturizer for Natural Skincare

Jojoba seeds produce a pure liquid that is very similar to the natural oil your body creates to keep your skin moist and soft. This natural liquid is wonderful for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It leaves skin soft and luxurious but not greasy because it penetrates to maintain a perfect moisture level.

Jojoba is healing as well as anti-aging. It can be used:

  • as a cleanser – jojoba gently unclogs pores and removes grime and impurities;
  • as a massage oil – it acts as an emollient with the skin’s natural sebum;
  • as a moisturizer – it is perfect for use on the face, body, or hair. It’s wonderful for mature, aging skin and wrinkles and gentle enough for a baby’s skin;
  • as a treatment for stretch marks;
  • as an after sun moisturizer;
  • as a hair care treatment to remove sticky residue left by hair products and to rehydrate.

Jojoba can be used alone, but is more often mixed with other ingredients to create extremely effective skin care and hair care products. There are many popular personal care products that contain this perfect moisturizer available on your drug and department store shelves.

Look for jojoba knowing you are buying nature’s elegant moisturizer.

The Benefits of Manufacturing with Jojoba

It’s Odorless, Natural, Non-Greasy and Extremely Stable

The Jojoba plant thrives in the desert. Its leaves and seeds produce wax esters that resist oxidation and store humidity without being occlusive. These hydrating properties together with the oxidative stability have make jojoba one of the best lipid materials used in the cosmetic industry today.

Jojoba is composed of more than 97% liquid wax esters and surpasses the properties of Triglyceride oils in many cosmetic applications.

Jojoba is resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation creating an efficient regulation of moisture without blocking.

Skin Care

Jojoba is a natural carrier of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant.

Studies published in the Journal of the American College of Toxicology have concluded that jojoba meets all the required criteria as a key component of cosmetic products.

Jojoba is free of all the allergens mentioned in the latest European Cosmetic directives.

Jojoba penetrates the skin while maintaining moisture.

Hair Care

Jojoba removes sticky byproducts of modern hair products while offering hydration to the hair.

Medical Application

Jojoba is used as a carrier for medicines that must penetrate through the skin.

Jojoba helps in the treatment of skin conditions.




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