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US Patent #4,329,298 - Isomerization of jojoba oil and products thereof (1982)
US Patent #4,360,387 - Isomorphous jojoba oil compositions containing trans-isomerized jojoba oil (1982)
US Patent #4,451,480 - Method of treating acne using ozonized materials (1984)
US Patent #4,591,602 - Ozonide esters and topical compositions containing same (1986)
Jojoba Oil Tolerance Exemption 10/95 (1995)
Jojoba Oil Tolerance Exemption 1/96, Page 1 (1996)
Jojoba Oil Tolerance Exemption 1/96, Page 2 (1996)
Biopesticide Fact Sheet - jojoba Oil (067200) (1999)
US Patent #5,968,530 - Emollient compositions (1999)
US Patent #5,962,043 - Weight reduction method for dogs and other pets (1999)
US Patent #6,007,823 - Simmondsin concentrate from jojoba (1999)
US Patent #4,130,495 - Liquid jojoba oil derivatives
US Patent #2,350,082 - Composition of Matter and Preparation and Process of Producing the Same
US Patent #2,413,009 - Refining Fats, Fatty Acids and Waxes (BL)
US Patent #6,432,428 - Dry Emollient Compositions Composing Mono-Unsaturated Jojoba Esters
US Patent #6,436,379 - Emollient For Cuticle Treatment and Delivery System Therefore
US Patent #6,245,364 - Weight Reduction Method For Cats and Other Pets
Japanese Patent Application #2001161800 - Solid Water-In-Oil Type Emulsified Cosmetic
Japanese Patent Application #2000228274 - Skin Lotion

Jojoba Chemistry and Research


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